Eco-Friendly Kokedama Moss Pot


Moss pots are an eco-friendly gardening option for your indoor and outdoor plants. These are inspired by an old Japanese form of bonsai called Kokedama (translated as moss ball). These moss pots are constructed with only 3 items: bonsai soil, sheet moss, and string. You may notice a plastic pot in the picture, this is simply to hold it all together until you are ready to plant. No pots are ever required. Recommendations for displaying your plant include hanging or adding a piece of stone/slate for the base.

To water simply soak the entire moss ball for about 30-45 seconds (or until all the tiny air bubbles disappear). Watering frequency will vary depending on location and plant. Generally speaking houseplants will require soaking twice a week, cactus once a week, succulents once-twice a week, and etc.

Planting is as easy as removing the plastic pot and adding whatever you desire: cactus, succulents, herbs, houseplants, and etc. The options are unlimited.

Plant hole dimensions: 2.5in (diameter) x 2.25in (height) – you can always enlarge the hole, just wet first and use a spoon to remove. Moss balls vary in size (avg. 4in diameter).

Note: plant not included.



Eco-Friendly Custom Kokedama Moss Pot